Advantage Tennis Workshops

Our tennis workshops have been designed by an extensively trained Pilates Instructor and Body Coach and a Physiotherapist who have both worked  with many different bodies over the past 10 years.

We have worked with individuals of all ages from all walks of life, including sportsmen and women, and over half of our tennis-playing clients worked with us to rehabilitate similar injuries.  Injuries including rotator cuff tendinosis (injury to the rotator cuff – the sheath of tendons and ligaments that support the arm at the shoulder joint), carpel tunnel syndrome (in the wrist), tennis elbow, knee injuries, achilles tendon injuries,  ankle sprains, hamstring and calf strain.  These injuries occur in professional and non-professional players.

Knowing  these comonalities and  seeing the progress that our clients made with the rehabilitation programmes designed for them, led us to designing this workshop and offering it to the public.

We truly believe that you will benefit from this workshop where you will learn:

  • more about your body and how your body works whilst you play tennis
  • how to condition and prepare your body for the tennis season
  • how to look after your muscles and joints
  • how to prevent injuries
  • how to increase mobility and stengthen your muscles to up your game!

What you need to bring to the workshop

  • your tennis raquet
  • a bottle of water
  • a small towel

Buy tickets here

Surbiton Raquet Club KT5 8JT – Sunday 28th April  1 to 3pm  £25

Pavilion Club East Molesey KT8 9DX –  Sunday 19th May 1 to 3pm  £25

It’s never late to start, join us today!