Hourly Private Sessions

We offer private sessions (one-on-one) where we focus solely on you and your needs.  These can be Pilates Therapy and Rehabilitation sessions which are perfect if you are recovering from an injury or illness, or regular private sessions for anyone including pre and postnatal.  We also offer Gait Analysis and Posture Analysis within these sessions.

Some reasons you may decide and prefer to have private Pilates sessions:


  • Dedicated attention
  • Class plan focused to your needs and goals
  • Not ready to re-join regular classes post surgery
  • Need a personalised home programme
  • On-going motivation and encouragement alined to you
  • Work alongside your current clinical practitioner

Private sessions can be arranged for individuals or couples (£70 for two people) and can be taken in our studio or in your home.  These sessions are focused to your individual needs and work around your schedule to help you progress towards your goals.

We use various pieces of equipment depending on your needs, including the Reformer.  All equipment is provided for your classes.

Please contact us to arrange a booking.